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Enforcing Responsible Service Of Alcohol

While completing Responsible Service of Alcohol training is an important (and mandatory) part of life as a bartender or member of the hospitality/food service industry, actually putting it into practice is even more crucial.

A high number of people suffer alcohol related injuries and illnesses every year and that is an indication that somewhere there are members of the hospitality industry that aren’t enforcing RSA rules as they should.

As a server of alcohol, you are responsible for the safety of your customers whether sober or intoxicated while they are inside your venue, and when they step outside it because if they consume excessive amounts of alcohol while in your venue, they are likely to get themselves into trouble when they step outside it. Patrons’ actions while they are intoxicated reflect badly on your venue and you personally.

State law mandates that all employees of licensed venues complete Responsible Service of Alcohol training and this is an important requirement for licensed venues because it teaches employees the dos and don’ts of alcohol service.

One of the rules of responsible service of alcohol is that it is an offence to sell liquor to a person who is noticeably intoxicated and the RSA course teaches workers how to enforce this rule. All bar staff, managers and licensees must be trained in responsible service of alcohol under state law.

Another important aspect of Responsible Service of Alcohol is ensuring underage customers aren’t served alcohol.

In order to enforce RSA rules, servers need to have an understanding that good times be balanced with good judgement.

Servers should keep in mind that the consequences of serving alcohol to unduly intoxicated customers can go beyond the thousands of dollars in fines for licensees and servers, it can also cause people to be injured and lives to be lost.

Ultimately servers of alcohol must identify that a person is over the legal drinking age by asking to see their identification. They also need to ensure they never serve alcohol to a person to the point of inebriation.

The online Responsible Service of Alcohol course, enables workers of licensed venues to understand what their obligations are in serving liquor in a safe and responsible manner.

Completing the training has never been easier. The nationally recognized accreditation can be attained by completing the online RSA course. Once successfully complete, the certificate can be printed and is valid in WA, NT, Qld and SA.

You simply register and complete the course in the comfort of your own home and before long you can start work in the hospitality industry.

We also offer the NSW RSA course through Distance learning.

Once you have completed Responsible Service of alcohol training, remember it is more than just a certificate to keep on record for legal compliance, it needs to be enforced every time you serve alcohol.

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Introducing Aalsmeer

The Aalsmeer Dinner Show is considered one of the most prominent Christmas Shows anywhere in the planet. A real spectacle, it proves to be forever dynamic and enchanting.

But apart from the said Christmas dinnershow, it is also important to learn more about the beautiful town of Aalsmeer where the shows are held. Read more about it below.

The Flower Capital of the World

Aalsmeer is a town in the Province of North Holland, located in the Netherlands. It got its name from the Dutch words Aal (Eel), and Meer (Lake). It is surrounded by the Ringvaart Canal, and the Westeinderplassen Lake, also known as the largest open water of the Randstad, or the Netherland Megalopolis.

More than anything else, Aalsmeer has first been known as the Flower Capital of the World because it holds the worlds largest flower auction. There are also a lot of nurseries, flower beds, and experimental stations for floriculture in the area.

Peats were once dug up in order to make way for manmade lakes, and for strawberry cultivation and other kinds of horticulture. This happened between 1850 to 1885, and was also the reason why strawberries are often linked to the said town.

After suffering some damage during the Second World War, the town once again flourished, and became home to various events, including flower parades, and the now famous Christmas Dinner Show.

The Showbiz Village

The Music and Entertainment scene in Aalsmeer is also one of the most defining things about the land. So defining, in fact, that the head honchos of the Aalsmeer TV Studios decided to create the Aalsmeer Showbiz Village.

The Aalsmeer Showbiz Village serves as entrance to the beautiful town of Cleefkade 15, and is easily accessible by public transportation, and by car. From band nights of the 90s, to the Pramenrace, and the Flower Festival, the village has hosted a lot of important eventsand is now home to the Christmas Dinner Show.

More than that, you can also visit the famous EndemolStudioscreator of TV hits such as Big Brother, The Weakest Link, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire, as it is located in the villages Central Auction Building.

A Lovely and Colorful World

With a world famous dinner show, and a great entertainment scene to boot, Aalsmeer surely has risen up from being an unknown town into one of the most important towns in the world of entertainment. Visit once and youll certainly come again!

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Around The World In Ten Dishes: Exploring The Best

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Want to go on a gastronomic journey around the world and sample each countrys signature dish? Hop on and discover these top ten tasty treats from the top restaurants, cafes, sweet vendors and home kitchens all over the world.

Thailands Massaman Curry

If you can take the heat, Thailands Massaman Curry is a must-try. Although this spicy, sweet, coconutty, and very savoury dish is not really an authentic Thai dish as it is an interpretation of a classic Persian, it nonetheless exudes with all the flavours and richness Thai cuisine has been known for the world over.

Italys Neapolitan Pizza

Nobody makes pizza the way Italians do. And when it comes to this mouth-watering food, nothing can come close to the Neapolitan pizza. It is vastly different from the toppings-filled pies that you know because it has only two very fundamental ingredients aside from the dough itself. Made only of San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, the Neapolitan pizza can also be made with choice basil and oregano lathered in luscious extra virgin olive oil. This is what pizza is all about: simple and fresh.

Mexican Chocolate

The Mayans and Aztecs revered it. Now is the time for you to taste the out-of-this world richness and grainy texture of the Mexican chocolate. Its richness is derived from the savoury ingredients that are added to the cocoa mix and finished with a whiff of cinnamon and a bit of cream.

British Fish and Chips

When its fish and chips, nobody can do it better than the British. Marinated in a batter of water and flour and sometimes beer or milk, fillets of fish are deep fried until they achieve a golden colour. Best served with beer, it is a perfect way to spend leisure time in this part of the world. Every town and city in the land has a good fish and chip shop. But for the authentic culinary experience head to the coast and enjoy this tasty and filling meal from a Brighton take-away, Padstow restaurant or Aldeburgh pub.

Japans Sushi

The Japanese have been largely known for elevating the essence of their main food ingredient. Though not for everyone, sushi that has been prepared by an Itamae is such a wonderful experience in itself. Going on a dare? Try fugu.

Chinas Peking Duck

With crispy thin skin glazed in rich maltose syrup for at least 24 hours before being roasted in a closed oven until its skin turns a shiny brown shade, the Peking duck is a food for the Imperial family. Take a few slices of this dish often served with cucumber, scallions, and sweet bean sauce. Live like an Emperor.

Gabons Chicken Muamba

Known for its rich and savoury tastes, this Gabonese chicken dish is slathered in rich and thick palm butter and peppered with hot chilies, salt, okra, tomato, and garlic. If you dont have a bad heart and would welcome the heat from all that spice, this is a must.

Indonesias Rendang

Slowly-cooked for almost half a day until its rich and thick mixture of prime coconut milk and spices have all been infused into the tender beef cuts, this Indonesian dish is a mainstay in many celebrations such as the Idul Fitri and Idul Adha as well as on other important events. If you want to sample this, try the aged version of about several days because that has a distinct rich taste.

Koreas Bulgogi

Savour the rich raw flavour of thinly sliced beef grilled on a gridiron or a perforated dome griddle and immerse yourself in the yin-yang culture of the East. Understand why they call bulgogi as fire meat.

Vietnamese Pho

This fragrant and tasty dish of freshly made rice noodles, chicken or beef slices, and herbs drowned in a rich and well-balanced broth is a great way to enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the Vietnamese.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack those bags and take on these treats.

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How Much Protein Do I Need if I'm Exercising

It is important that we all get enough protein in our diets but it is especially important for athletes and bodybuilders because proteins are the building blocks for muscles.

Athletes involved in endurance activities such as runners should be getting enough protein to sustain them for the energy they spend during training. They also need additional protein to help their bodies recover from training.

Those involved in strength training like bodybuilders who want to build up more muscle mass also need to eat more protein to meet the strength and power needed for their weight lifting. Protein will help build muscle mass, because it is the building blocks for muscles.

If you're an athlete your most important meal to help your body recover is the one consumed immediately after the sporting event or exercise.

Protein is necessary to repair and rebuild the muscle tissue that may have been strained during the workout. Getting enough protein is an important issue for us all but for athletes it is particularly crucial.

No one said athletes have to eat meat. Even if you're a vegetarian, it is possible to work-out and still get enough protein from plant sources such as whole grains, spirulina, sprouts, beans and pulses. All you need to do is replace the meat you would have eaten with vegetarian options that provide the same amount of protein. Many athletes are choosing to do this because it is a less fat option.

Depending on your sport and the activities you engage in, your protein requirements will vary.

While sedentary men and women need only 0.8-1.0grams of protein a day, elite male endurance athletes require 1.6g a day and moderate-intensity endurance athletes should be getting 1.2grams daily.

Recreational endurance athletes need at least 0.8-1.0grams a day and those that play football or other power sports should be getting 1.4-1.7grams daily.

Resistance athletes early in their training need 1.5-1.7grams a day and once they've achieved their steady state they need 1.0-1.2 grams daily. For female athletes approximately 15% less protein than male athletes is needed.

On average 1.3 grams of protein per kg of body weight is needed by the majority of athletes daily to accommodate their bodies' protein needs.

While it has become common for people these days to be bored with their meals, especially if they're training and preparing their own meals, a new Brisbane company is helping beat the monotony while still providing nutritious meals high in protein, directly to your door.

Healthy Meals To Your Door provides you with well-balanced and wholesome meals to suit even vegetarians' needs, without the nasty additives that athletes are trying to avoid.

Find out more at

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How To Plan A Reception

When many people hear the term “reception,” they often imagine a party that occurs after a wedding. However, “reception” can mean many different things, such as an awards ceremony, a party after a corporate event, or other type of banquet or feast. Regardless of the occasion for your reception, it is essential to know the various aspects that go into planning a successful reception that your guests are sure to enjoy. There are many aspects when it comes to reception planning, and it is often a good idea to consult with a professional event planner and catering company to ensure your guests’ complete comfort and enjoyment. When determining the best way to go about planning a reception, it can be helpful to follow a few guidelines that can make the process easier.

Hire a Professional Event Organizer to Plan a Reception
One of the most important aspects of planning a reception is selecting an appropriate reception hall and choosing which foods to offer your guests. This is the point at which a professional event organizer becomes an extremely valuable asset, as he or she has the experience and expertise to select an appropriate location for your reception and determine which foods you should serve based on the formality of your event, how many guests you are inviting, and your budget. This not only makes everything much easier for you so you can focus on putting together your guest list, but also ensures your reception is likely to impress your guests. An event organizer can help you with every aspect of planning your reception, from the most important aspects such as determining which foods to offer your guests to minute details such as which decorations to use.

Hire a Professional Catering Company to Provide Delicious Foods at Your Reception
In addition to hiring a professional event organizer to plan the events of your reception, it is also a good idea to consult with a professional catering company to handle the food portion of your reception. A professional catering company can provide a wide variety of delicious foods for your guests and work around any food allergies your guests may have to ensure they enjoy their meal. In addition, a professional caterer can work with your event planner to develop the best menu selections for your specific group of guests and cater to their needs and preferences.

When it comes to planning the best possible reception, two important aspects to consider are hiring a professional event planner and catering company to handle every aspect of your event so you can focus on entertaining your guests. Delicious foods and a well-planned reception are likely to make a positive impression on your guests and result in their complete comfort and enjoyment, and hiring professionals is the best way to accomplish this. For more information about planning a reception, you should contact a professional event planner and catering company.

more details
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Become Amazed Using The Cooking Skills You Get Here

Of course, you like to consume, however, you may not necessarily like to make what you consume. Some individuals think it is intimidating to get home and start preparing food. The methods contained in this report make it seem more doable for you and will take a few of the puzzle out of cooking.

First of all ensure that you defrost your greens if you want to cook them before you put them inside the stove. This may let you achieve the very best texture, while not sacrificing the flavor of your vegetables. After cooking, put your greens to a key menu of a side dish.

Always take caution and check your food before you cook. Should you feel a bit of the food you're planning to cook doesn't appear right or maybe it is rotten, you should dispose it. It's better to throw away a couple of pounds than to fall ill the following handful of weeks from food poisoning.

Prepare your ingredients, cookware, and cooking products before you start to cook. The time you spend cooking is going to be significantly reduced, when you do this, and you may have less chance of encountering a problem. Ensure you have all the spices you'll need ready as well before you start cooking.

When heating oil on top of the stove for frying, use a low setting and slowly change the burner up to achieve the desired temperature. It is good to buy pressure cooker accessories when you are cooking using a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers with adjustable temperature settings are generally the best, but the additions of those accessories make life so much more simple in the kitchen. The pressure cookers will help you in regulating the temperature you want your food to cook at and will generally speed up the cooking process. Many meals don't need a whole lot more than 350 degrees to cook. Ensure that your food does not end up burning into crisp on the outer surface, while it is still fresh on the inside. If you adjust the heat setting knob to its highest level, you increase the risk of spattering and burning yourself. In addition, you are also losing time when you wait for the gas to cool down enough to use. Oil heats up very quickly, and gets too hot but it is extremely slow to cool down. To ensure you are able to control the temperature you cook you food, buy adjustable pressure cooker.

When preparing a pumpkin, position it in an upright position and then cut it down through its middle to generate two halves. You need to use two cookie-sheet type pans for this operation. On each container, place one half of the pumpkin with the area that is cut facing down. Add some water to each half before placing it in the oven. You'll need to leave the pumpkin in the oven for around an hour at 350 degrees.

On the Sunday, try to prepare a meal whose leftovers you are able to eat during the week. For example, you may save any left-over of roasted beef and make it in to a sandwich on the weeknight. Not only does this help you save time by not having to make, but it is a great strategy of not wasting food.

If you are making a meal where you need thin pieces of beef (fajitas, Chinese), freeze your meat for about 20 minutes before cutting. This can allow you to slice the meat very thinly effortlessly. You may think this sounds somewhat weird, but it works perfectly fine.

Perhaps you have had to eat a cauliflower that was off white and not actually white? It could make people turn away from this wonderful plant. When cooking, in order to maintain that bright color of the produce, add some milk in the water. This may not change the taste, but just the appearance.

Make sure eggs are still clean before using them. By putting an egg in a bowl of water, you can check if it is fresh. An egg is fresh if it settles horizontally. However, if it settles vertically, it is not fresh.

Do not use prepared seasoning mixes whenever you make food, particularly when you've high blood pressure. These mixes usually have high sodium content. Alternatively, use herbs and fresh herbs, or ensure you select a low-salt mixture. For more flavors, try putting a few chili peppers or lime or lemon zest to your meal.

It is crucial that you keep the hands and cooking place very clean while preparing eggs or organic meat. The reason being the organic foods can spread diseases, including salmonella, to you. Should you contract a sickness, you will be unable to cook for some time!

As you can easily see, cooking doesn't need to be intimidating or frightening experience. Understanding how to cook is truly within the grasp of a person with the attention to learn a number of the fundamentals. Try several of the tips you have learned in this essay, and begin cooking today.
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